45 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

45 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations


Spooky szn will be here before you know it, and tbh, it’s never too early to start getting your venue ready for the occasion. Unfortunate Halloween decor can be pricey, especially if you want to turn your home into an entire haunted mansion. This is where DIY Halloween decorations can come in handy. Whether you’re a regular Martha Stewart or struggling with even the simplest (#guilty) household chores, we’ve got plenty of homemade Halloween decor ideas to make your space weirdly festive all the way through November 1, including crafts that even the least crafty people can handle. .

Maybe you’re looking to add some soft vibes~ With decor you can keep up with all fall season. Maybe you’re having an epic Halloween party and want to turn your board into a totally spooky scene. Whatever the case, we’ve rounded up all the Halloween crafts and decor ideas that’ll allow you to strike the *perfect* balance between sticky and elegant.

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Set the tone for your door

If you have steps that lead up to your apartment or house, you can decorate one side with cute Halloween details like pumpkins, witch hats, and brooms (although make sure to leave enough room for people to pass by!).

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Spooky touches like stacks of old books, white candles, and skulls will make your mantel look festive AF.

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Go patty with wall decor

Bats can be intimidating, but bat confetti are a great way to jazz up a blank wall in your home.



Your cart bar crawl

Do you have a bar cart? Then you have to dress it up for the occasion with pumpkins, streamers, and maybe even a life-size skeleton at the end if you want to go all out.

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Design your Bangin’ Boos menu


Set up a stylish side table

It’s all in the details, b. For a look that says Halloween, but keep it cute, set a side table with simple Halloween touches, like skinny black candles, cobweb-covered candy apples, and elegant white pumpkins.

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Nothing makes a statement like a giant balloon arch, and putting together your own Halloween-themed balloon display is easier than you think.

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You do not have to limit the decor of the stairs to the outdoors. If you have a set of stairs inside your home, you can spruce it up by adding small pumpkins, colorful leaves, and autumn mums to the steps.

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Get some gothic flowers

Glue some black bunny tails and pampas grass into the vases to create Halloween centerpieces.

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Create a Moody Tablescape

Deck out your table with lace tablecloths, black flatware, and some gothic details for the ultimate spooky tablescape.

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Decorate pumpkins with decals

If you don’t want to carve pumpkins (because you know, a mess), you can decorate them with some pretty night badges instead.

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Hang background photo booth

Create the perfect backdrop for all your Halloween pictures by hanging a Halloween-themed fringe curtain on an open wall.

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Spice things up with fake spiders

Get a bunch of sparkly fake spiders and sprinkle them on every available surface to add some pizzazz (and maybe even freak out your guests).

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Put “Boo” in Bookshelf

Dedicate some space on your bookshelf for festive fall touches, like colorful pumpkins, baby pumpkins, and skulls.

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A mix of vibrant orange blossoms and creamy white can add a pop of color to your space, especially when you’re emptying out a pumpkin to use as a vase.

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Give your bottles a makeover

Grab some empty bottles and cover the labels with charming drugstore labels for a super scary bar cart.

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Get creative with banners

Hang vertical banners in front of your windows to create some cool and colorful curtains – and remember you don’t have to be limited to orange and black either!

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Make a statement using stencils

For all the artistically challenged, these pre-made Halloween stencils can help you create banners, posters, and hanging prints that look seriously legitimate.



Hang with hanging decoration

Do you want to take your Halloween decor to new heights? Arrange some small pumpkins, witches’ hats, ghosts or bats and hang them from the ceiling or a tree branch.

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Line up with Jack Ollantern Peppers

Draw cute faces on yellow and orange peppers and line them up on your windowsill for an unexpected alternative to baby pumpkins.

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Dress up your pumpkin

Find creative ways to turn pumpkins into pieces of decor, such as adding wings and ears and turning them into cute bats.

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Make a festive wreath

If you want a piece of decor you can keep up with all fall, then get a Styrofoam wreath form and decorate it with foliage, mums, pinecones, and other cute fall touches.

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Don’t feel like going the classic wreath route? Buy a giant fake spider instead and stick it to your front door to create the scariest entryway.

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Go with a gallery wall

With the help of some cute Halloween prints and a set of inexpensive frames, you can dedicate some wall space for a stylish Halloween-themed gallery wall.

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Make some Goofy Gunds

For another fun alternative to the traditional Jack O’Lantern, grab a few pumpkins and bring them to life with some sticky eyes.



Make some simple string art

Found: A Halloween craft that even the least artistic can handle (and that you can display anywhere in your home once complete!).

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Give your centerpieces a night personality

Transform any ho-hum centerpiece into ~Halloweeny~ with a cute cut-out character on a stick, which you can either DIY or buy and add to your fall floral arrangements.

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Fact: You can add white or black muslin to any piece of furniture and make it instantly intimidating. Don’t just take our word for it – try it for yourself.

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Make a sticky statement wall

If you have a wide open wall and are too lazy to decorate it, take some elastic and cover the entire surface with randomly placed sections to create a giant spider web.

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Make wine bottles from distilled wax

Paint a few empty wine bottles black, then use distilled candles to drip hot wax onto the mouth of the bottles, making sure to let it cool before catching it.

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Put your furniture under the cover

Got some old white sheets lying around? Use it to cover your furniture and give it that creepy, abandoned aesthetic (and if you don’t want your nice white sheets to get dirty, just buy an inexpensive set).

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Combine black and orange in unexpected ways

The combination of orange and black is synonymous with Halloween, but you don’t have to rely solely on pumpkins and bats to bring those colors into your space. Combine orange and black in unexpected ways, such as pillows, candles, dried flowers, and other decorative touches.

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Go Bananas With Banners

Group mini Halloween wreaths (which you can buy or make yourself) across any piece of furniture that could use a festive touch, like a TV stand, bed headboard, or even your own piano.

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Crotchet your cobwebs

For those more crafty, get some of your own acrylic and crochet yarn, which you can then hang across your mantel or wall.

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Make Halloween themed pillowcases

People who can crochet should also try their hand at making their own festive pillow covers, which will save you from buying a set of Halloween themed pillows for your sofa.

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Bring out the poisonous candy apple

Dip the faux apple in glossy black paint to make a dish of poisonous apple (and just make sure no one takes the “eat me” sign too seriously).

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Renew your wall with rosette fans

A set of orange and black rose fans can allow you to put together a perfect accent wall for pictures (or to create a colorful backdrop for your dining table).

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Fill pots with candy corn

Presentation: The easiest way to add color to your snack table. Simply get a blackened cauldron-like bowl and fill it to the brim with sweet corn. Even if a single piece is not eaten, it will still look beautiful.



Comment some scary old pictures

Turn your house into a haunted mansion with the help of some old sepia pictures (and if you want to get it all out, you can even get pictures where faces transform as you go by!).

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Give your straw some wings

Use black construction paper to cut out the bat shapes, then add two slits so you can slip them over the drinking straws.

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Create a Killer Snack Table

Center your snacks with a spread of colorful food, which you draw attention to with string lights and some cute banners.

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Get some stickers and use them to decorate doors, walls or windows with bloody handprints (looks very realistic).

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Put some heads on skewers

To make ridiculously easy table centerpieces, simply get some black bottles and fill them with three or four bamboo skewers. Then add holes in each skewer with a piece of marshmallow and decorate it with scary faces.

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Cover the front of a hanging mirror with a muslin cloth, then wrap it along a length of clear black tape to create a cool gothic drink.

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All you need is string, Styrofoam balls, a black marker, and muslin to make an adorable ghost army, which you can hang indoors or outdoors.

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