4 DIY skeleton costume ideas for Halloween 2022

4 DIY skeleton costume ideas for Halloween 2022

When it comes to Halloween, sometimes it’s fun to stick to traditional spooky costumes. Sure, trendy ideas based on TV shows can be fun, but costumes like witches, ghosts, and skeletons never go out of style. Plus, they take some of the stress out of your Halloween costume planning.

Take the classic skeleton. It doesn’t get any scarier, plus you can take any costume to the next level by adding a skeleton layer. Skeleton Princess? naturally. Skeleton cowboy? definitely. You found the idea. Now while you can do everything DIY on this project (think black leggings, a T-shirt, and a roll of duct tape), we’d prefer to keep it a little simpler and start with a store-bought pair. skeleton pajamas. It’s affordable, convenient and will help keep you safe before Halloween. With this basic start, you can add any fun elements you want to a children’s, men’s or women’s costume. From there, use your imagination, or keep reading for one of our fun ideas.

Skeleton face paint

Eugenio Marongio

Use this basic face paint idea as the basis for any skeleton costume. Or, if you have a tween or teen who isn’t into the whole fashion idea, this could be his whole look. All you need is some face paint. Start with a white base on the entire face, then outline the eyes with black. Add some simple black lines and cracks around the mouth and elsewhere on the face.

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white face paint

Snazaroo White Face Paint
Credit: Amazon

black face paint stick

Codeis Black Face Paint Stick
Credit: Amazon

white T-shirts

White Amazon Essentials T-Shirt
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face paint brush

Snazaroo face paint brush
Credit: Amazon

skeleton girl costume

DIY skeleton costume on the boy in the pumpkin patch


Add a feminine touch to a skeleton outfit with this fun look. It works just as well for children as it does for adults. You probably have a skirt in your closet that will work. Black combat boots give it an edge.

headband hat

Smiffys hat headband
Credit: Amazon

gray skirt

French Gray Toast Skirt

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skeleton costume

Skeleton costume scary creations
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military boots

DREAM PIRS Combat Boots
Credit: Amazon

skeleton costume shirt

DIY skeleton costume on the boy in the pumpkin patch


We love this simple and fun idea for a skeleton costume. Start with a black or white shirt, draw shapes on it to imitate a rib cage, and then cut it out using sharp fabric scissors. Don’t worry about perfection here. Layer it over the opposite-colored shirt to complete the effect and finish with black and white face paint.

white T-shirt

Comfortable white T-shirt

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Black shirt

Amazon Essentials Black T-Shirt
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Black and white face paint

BOBISUKA black and white face paint

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Fabric scissors

Singer cloth scissors

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Ringmaster Skeleton

halloween children playing trick or treating boy in halloween costume skeleton with hat and smoking among orange pumpkins halloween children


Could you choose just one outfit? Not a problem. Pair the skeleton costume with any other motif for a fun look. In this case, the skeleton gets the ringmaster’s touch with a top hat and jacket. Wear the cap and sleeves with some red and gold ribbon.

skeleton costume

BesserBay Skeleton Costume
Credit: Amazon

top hat

kangaroo hat
Credit: Amazon

black suit jacket

Van Heusen black suit jacket
Credit: Amazon

red velvet ribbon

Chuangdi . Red Velvet Ribbon
Credit: Amazon

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